WEBアプリケーション/チャットボット開発Wep App / Chatbot Development

アジャイルな開発手法に則っり新規サービス開発に最適なシステム開発をご提案致します。Ruby on Railsを用いたWEB開発、AngularJSを用いたフロントエンド開発を得意としています。

We propose optimal solutions for new services by creating systems using agile development methodologies. We specialize in web development using ruby on rails and front end development using AngularJS.

0から1を生み出すサービスフローService flow for generating solutions from 0 to 1

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    まずは形に見えて動くモノを開発することで、新たな発見に多く出会えます。 投資家へのデモや顧客開発にも有用です。

    By developing something that you can see and use, often times many new ideas and discoveries occur. This is also useful for demoing to investors and clients.

  • #02


    プロトタイプの結果を経てリリース向けのサービス開発を行います。 スピードと柔軟性を意識し、事業に最適なスタートを切れます。

    Using the prototype results, we develop a production ready solution. We provide an optimal start by taking advantage of our speed and flexibility.

  • #03

    CONTINUOUS DEV.アジャイルでの継続開発


    The real test for IT service comes after production. While monitoring the end users, we continuously improve the solution.

その他サービスOther Services

  • Incubit Vision Servicean image recognition development service using deep learning

    Incubit Vision Servicesは、インキュビットが提供する、ディープラーニング技術を用いた画像認識エンジン開発サービスです。現場での課題が最も適切な形で解決できるよう、お持ちのデータを有効活用し、オーダーメイド開発を行います。

    Incubit Vision Service is an image recognition development service using deep learning provided by Incubit. We'll help you identify and solve problems you face by utilizing your data effectively and providing a customized image recognition solution that fits your unique needs.

  • AIビジネスWEBメディア「AI4U」"AI4U" which takes a first step towards AI business DEV.


    It is web media about know-how and up-to-date information to think about how to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) -based technologies, mainly machine learning, in business.

If you are interested in learning more about our company and services, please feel free to contact us here. We look forward to building new partnerships and working together on exciting projects!
Since our foundation in 2014, at Incubit we have been supporting business development with our technical expertise. We are looking for members to work together with to realize our vision further. We look forward to meeting talented candidates!