インキュビットが目指す事業構想Incubit's VISION



We aim to not only create a single product but to create an ecosystem that continuously produces change based on influential ideas.

Our ecosystem will continuously produce mission-driven businesses through the following five modules: "Think tank that organizes issues faced around the world", "Research institute that creates innovative science and technologies", "Educational institute to nurture entrepreneurs", "Investment institution to nurture businesses", and "Incubation facility that organically links the organizations"


  • # Phase 1 - 201X @ Japan

    挑戦するための基盤を作るCreating the foundation


    To create a foundation, we need to first establish our finances, resources, and technologies. We will create an organization centered around technology that is self-organizing and sustaining.

  • # Phase 2 - 202X @ Asia

    アジアへ展開し勝負Expanding our focus to Asia


    By leveraging our global organization, acquired technologies, and our 0 to 1 experience, we will actively expand to Asia.

  • # Phase 3 - 203X @ World

    世界で活躍するエコシステムへCreating a globally active ecosystem


    We will create an ecosystem that is able to create circulate new businesses. We aim to continuously create change on a global scale.

If you are interested in learning more about our company and services, please feel free to contact us here. We look forward to building new partnerships and working together on exciting projects!
Since our foundation in 2014, at Incubit we have been supporting business development with our technical expertise. We are looking for members to work together with to realize our vision further. We look forward to meeting talented candidates!